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Management Philosophy
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Thank you for visiting us – Yonsei University Milk, Yonsei life and health! The educational foundation, Yonsei University was built in 1885 based on the spirit of Christ – truth and freedom to cultivate people of talent. Yonsei University has become a prestigious private university over 120 years of history, and now, we have dreamed about soaring to new hights as recognizing to achieve ‘A proud Yonsei over the world’.

Yonsei milk and Yonsei life and health are operated as valuable businesses in Yonsei University. Yonsei milk and Yonsei life and health are with a sense of duty to have educational financial resources, and for this, we keep trying to develop the first product. In a bid, the best professors of medical, biotechnology and food nutrition fields at Yonsei University has formed a committee, and develop different and innovative products through distributive research.

Also, through strict quality management, we have tried to offer the best service in your life. With these efforts, we have awarded the grand prize at Korean consumers’ business confidence for 8 years consecutively and many products have been selected as MK hot sellers since 2006. Yonsei life and health is growing with earning favorable reviews on fermented red ginseng products, healthy juice, organic cosmetics and so on. Yonsei milk and Yonsei life and health will always offer the best value and products based on honor of Yonsei University and we promise that the profits is used for development of Yonsei University. Thank you for the generous encouragement and advice to keep the promise.

We mark the 51th anniversary of Yonsei milk that is with Korean organic history. (established as secondly in Korea) Yonsei milk established in 1962 based on the concept for contribution to the national health and the educational finance of Yonsei University.